Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A listing of the features & services of this website that are available to the general public for absolutely free..

  • A colossal archive of devotional songs, bhajans, Vedic chants & instrumentals.

  • Special presentations and interviews with eminent personalities.

  • A photo gallery that is powered by an 'open source' methodology.

  • Greeting cards for your near and dear ones for various ocassions.

  • Videos regarding Swami and in particular those related to bhajans, devotional singing and spirituality.

  • A chronicle on Namasmarana.

  • Articles by highly skilled musicians to inspire and guide the public.

  • A discussion group wherein people can exchange ideas, post their thoughts and talk about anything and everything to do with devotional singing.

We would like to thank you & everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your encouragement, support & guidance. Special thanks to all those who contributed audio material to our website. If not for them, this website would not be where it is today. We extend our thanks to the webmasters & moderators of online websites & discussion groups for all the invaluable help they have rendered in their own ways. Login below to read about the updates to this website. Enjoy..!

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